Technology Professional Liability

Technology E&O was created to fill the “gaps” excluded by a traditional General Liability policy which applies mainly to Bodily Injury and Property Damage types of liability. Technology E&O picks up the following type of causes of loss to third parties due to negligence in the rendering of professional services:

Failure to Perform or “it just doesn’t work”
Damage to Data/Intangible Property
Breach of Contract
Financial Injury

Technology E&O can also be expanded to include:

Security or System Attack

including Failure to Prevent: Denial or Disruption of Service; Unauthorized Access; Introduction of Malicious Code. Intellectual Property or Content

Infringment of title, trademark service mark, copyright, plagiarism, misuse of IP rights in content in the foregoing Personal Injury

Defamation, or Disparagement including libel, slander or product or service disparagement

Invasion, Infringement or Interference with rights of privacy.

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