International General Liability

You most-likely have a General Liability policy for your US Based business. However, as you see daily, your operations, clients, employees and suppliers may be anywhere in the world. As the business borders have disappeared, your coverages may need to be modified to overcome limitations in your insurance coverages that may stop at the borders.

Your US-based domestic General Liability policy will respond to those legal actions that arise from your US premises, US sales, US manufactured products and to actions that are filed in US Courts. But what about:

Lawsuits that may be filed in non-US courts?

Sales that may have originated/taken place in non-US cities and countries?

Products that may have been manufactured in outside the US?

These are situations that may require a separate International General Liability policy to protect you where your domestic General Liability policy will not respond. Fortunately, International General Liability coverages can be easily obtained and are very affordable. The first step is recognizing that you have a limitation in your existing coverages and we can assist you in making sure you limit or remove the “gaps” in your insurance protections.

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