General Liability

Traditional General Liability Insurance applies to those situations where you may be held legally liable for Bodily Injury sustained by a person, Damage to Tangible Property owned by someone else or Advertising and Personal Injury.

General Liability potential claims can be as simple as someone who slips and falls on a premises that is owned, rented or controlled by you. Or as complicated as Bodily Injury or Property Damage caused by work performed by you or a product manufactured, sold or distributed by you and includes the loss of use of the Property.

Certain Products are unique and therefore their Products Liability may be excluded from the standard General Liability policy and must be insured under a separate Products Liability policy, such as Medical Devices, Pharmaceutical Products, or other specialized Products.

Personal and Advertising Injury refers to financial loss to someone’s reputation such as unintentional Libel, Slander or Defamation of Character. These coverages are typically provided in the General Liability policy, unless it is deemed part of the insured’s profession such as a publisher (paper or electronic), advertising agency, etc. In those instances, it becomes necessary to add a Professional Liability policy for those potential issues.

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