Extortion, Kidnap, Ransom

Most people in their daily personal and business lives do not have an awareness of this exposure or the frequency of the occurrences not only throughout the world (which number in the 1,000’s monthly), but within the US as well. We tend to think of this type of coverage as an international risk but there are numerous situations within the US borders monthly as well.

Examples of potential situations include:

An individual leaves for work and receives a phone call that his family is being held hostage in their home pending payment of a Ransom. Situations have involved a high net worth individual, a local bank manager, a senior executive of a publicly held company.

A company receives an written demand for money. The group sponsoring the demand threatens to contaminate the company’s product in the the US and Europe unless the demand is met.

One of the most important aspects of EK&R coverage are the services provided to the client. The insurance companies engage experienced international firms whose expertise is analyzing the legitimacy of the threat as well as the negotiation of the successful settlement of the situation. In addition, the coverage allows insured entities and individuals access to current information on potential hazardous destinations and current threat levels to assist them in their travel planning.

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